AREAS OF Expertise

Working with Integrity

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) - All Inc Fixed Rate Packages Available

We service many leading national and local CRE agencies together with individual boutique agents across the Commercial Real Estate sector. The images we provide demonstrate the features and benefits of a Commercial Real Estate property listed For Sale or Lease on the open market. Our brief is to assist in capturing subject property size, location, local infrastructure, logistics, functionality, build quality, proximity to key landmarks etc. parking spaces, loading doors, and much more. 

In an extremely competitive market where the internet is now the preferred choice for initial browsing, our images play a key role in marketing campaigns gaining traction. Professional Photography is now an expected entry level requirement and our various packages on offer cater for interior, exterior and drone images with 'golden hour' dusk if required for a single fixed fee. Our images can be used in all facets of the marketing campaign. IM's, Adverting Brochures, Media, Newspaper Adverts, Internet Listings, Signboards etc. etc. thus ensuring 100% of the fees dispensed on professional photography from the marketing budget provide maximum return for both agency and end client alike.

Repeat Visit On-Site Construction Progress Photography - Weekly - Fortnightly - Monthly

Construction progress photography has a multitude of benefits both to the constructions company building and the end user / client. Our coverage includes for a regular pre-booked visits to site from pre-start through to practical completion. With full PPE compliant work wear and always ensuring we sign in as visitors onsite our photographers provide images using our drone and mast, together with more detailed images from ground level to show key processes and progress. 

Images may have additional value in dispute resolution cases and also in generating leads for potential new owners or lease holders. All our images are provided the day following the shoot by e-mail to give them the greatest longevity. Another great benefit is to potentially avoid costly visits to site by end client / builders representatives who maybe interstate.

Frequency of site visits is predetermined at the outset and a fixed fee contract agreed. Our aim is to make life easy for our clients so you are only contacted if and when necessary during the build.

Architectural Photography - End of Build Contract  - Building Products - Building Services

Creative, vibrant photography from ground level or using our drone up to 120m above ground level. Capture the up close and personal together with the size, scale and value. Show every facet of the materials used, quality build and attention to details in the finish. 

We provide our clients with tough decisions on which images to leave out as all images are composed individually on a quality over quantity basis. That said we never leave an assignment until we are 100% completely confident we have covered every potential angle to it's best advantage.

Drone / Elevated - CASA Registered with $20M Public Liability Insurance

Allow us to be your 'Eyes in the Sky' with a unique view like no other. See so much more at up to 120m above ground level (subject to location). Capture powerful, dynamic images that intimately display everything positive and beneficial about a property in one powerful image. Instantly arrest the browser and ensure they are left in no doubt about what is on offer from both a functional and aesthetics perspective.

For those 'NFZ' - No Fly Zones we have a fixed 20m mast fitted to our bespoke four wheel drive vehicle. Useful in and around CBD's, Airports and Helipads that forbid the use of drones from a safety perspective.

Our Mantra

... 'a picture speaks a thousand words'. 

Effective lighting, powerful composition and an eye for detail are the trademark of our work. We have extensive experience in the fields that we specialise in. We do not chase work outside of our field. 

We strive to be the best at what we excel in. Delivering creativity  & excellent results consistently, with both performance and most importantly a SMILING FACE :)

We Genuinely Love What We Do !